Part-time agriculture in La Mancha, Spain. 


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  1. very interesting! I am investigating to purchase a large estate in Mallorca 110 hectares with 70 hectares designated for an almond orchard. I plan to build it from the ground (the existing trees are too old) including rain water harvesting via drainage and micro irrigation (no ground water). I am a IT technologist myself and want this “farm”to be as sustainable as possible.

    I would very much like to exchange ideas with you and see how we can help eachother.

    Best regards,


  2. And I thought I was the only one! Well not really but one of few. I am raising dryland almonds, pistachios, grapes and summer watermelons in Southern Utah. From the looks of it, our soils are very similar. We receive 20 – 25 centimeters of rain. Keep up the great work. You can check out a few of my pictures by searching for Rabbit and Raven Farms Dalton Wash Utah. My Best,

    Jeff Brown


    1. Thank you Jeff. La Mancha and Utah have many things in common. The most inspiring book on dry farming (and the only one that I really know about this topic) that I have ever read was writen many years ago by John Andreas Widtsoe, head of the former Utah Agricultural Station. I have looked at your pictures in google+ and they are very familiar to me. Let’s bet on this low cost agriculture! Set a good regime and leave the rest to nature!


  3. Qué grande eres Antonio! Acabo de conocer tu blog, y me parece genial. Mi contacto con el campo, no va más allá del senderismo y del huerto en casa, pero me emociona ver cómo comparte tu experiencia y tu trabajo duro en las tierras áridas de la Mancha que nos vieron crecer. Enhorabuena, y a ver si nos vemos pronto! Un fuerte abrazo.

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