Capnodis tenebrionis

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERACapnodis tenebrionis is said to be the main enemy of stone fruit trees in Spain. The larvae of this beetle feed inside the roots and may kill the tree. It took me six years to detect the insect for the first time in one of my orchards. I saw one adult beatle beside the trunk of a young tree on November, 4, 2018. I was so scared that I crushed its head immediately.

I found another one in September, 14, 2019 in a location far away from the that of 2018. This time the beetle was smaller and was completely still in order not to attract the enemy attention. This time I took the following pictures before killing the monster:

I was aware of this danger when I planted my first orchard. That led me to choose conventional almond rootstock from bitter seeds, since it is supposed to be the least attractive to the insect. Now, the beatle is here. For the time being no almond trees have died because of this insect, but the seeds of death are already sown in my orchards. Only time will tell if this threat becomes true or not. The resilience of the rootstock is going to be tested.

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