Summer pruning

Some people say that pruning should be carried out during winter dormancy, but my experience shows me that it can be done at any time. I practice pruning from June to August either for young or mature almond trees. Summer pruning is very useful for training young trees and making them stand the wind. For mature trees it is an effective way to eliminate undesired watershots that are a result of winter pruning.

In the first example you can see a young tree in June 2016. This tree was sown in 2015 and grafted in September, 2015. A powerful shot had grown by June 2016. With summer pruning I cut it at the desired height, aproximately one metre from the floor and tied it straight to the tutor. I do not eliminate lower secondary shots. I just leave them trimmed, which makes the trunk grow sturdy.

The mature tree in the pictures was pruned in fall 2015. Inner branches were eliminated in order to allow light to enter and facilitate harvest. Many watershots had grown in spring 2016, making previous pruning ineffective or even counterproductive. Watershots are easily eliminated by hand in June. This example shows that summer pruning is the ideal complement of winter pruning in mature trees.

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