2016 blossom

This is the second year that I keep an eye on flower development in this multivarietal orchard. 2015 bloom came a month later and brought few flowers. In 2016 mild January temperatures allowed some trees to blossom in early February. Cold came soon after that, which put on hold that process. I observed full bloom for most tress in my visit last February, 27. By March, 5, many trees were in petal fall stage and many others in full bloom. You can find here pictures of flower details of different trees at that moment (identified in order as B2, B6, D3, D5, C19.5. Same code as in the post “Traditional Spanish varieties”).

The interesting fact about this year is that the orchard has experienced severe weather when most trees were in popcorn stage. The temperatures recorded by the nearest meteorological station appear in the graph. As you can see, temperatures plummeted to -7 ºC one day. I expected serious damage out of that, but bloom continued with no visible harm during the following days. One month after that I sew that fruit set was meagre for those trees. Rain also appeared during bloom, but I do not apply fungicides to mature trees. Fungal diseases may appear, but I consider that the weather this year is not particularly dangerous for that.temperaturas

PrecipitaOn the other hand, late bloom varieties Guara (left) and Lauranne (right) where in pink bud stage by March, 6. This illustrates the importance of choosing self-compatible and late bloom varieties in this region. Their blossom times are likely to take place with milder temperatures. Even if the weather is cold in March, they are not as dependent on pollinating insect as self-incompatible varieties.

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