Planting bare root trees

20160103_095017There are several modalities to plant a tree. Planting grafted trees that are served in pots is the most convenient, according  to my experience. Another way that I practice is sowing seeds in situ and budding them at the right time, which I consider to generate more resilient trees, but it demands more care. Since I wanted to expand the orchard area to a large extend in 2016, and I did not found trees in pots, I decided to plant bare root trees.

20160103_095127They came from a familiar nursery run by its owner. That was an advantage because this man uprooted the trees just when I demanded it, so I lost no time to plant them in the field. I took the plants in the nursery in December, 31, 2015 and planted them in January, 1, 2 and 3, 2016. They were first leaf Filippo Cea trees grafted on conventional almond rootstock (Garrigues).

The soil had been ploughed with a moulboard in November. It was tilled 30 or 40 cm, so it was easy to dig a hole approximately the same depth of the roots. At the bottom of many holes a distinctive layer of calcareous soil appeared. Experiences show that it is not good to break this layer with the plow, so I did not dig or tilled more than neccesary.

20160103_095318I covered the roots with soil and step on them to put the roots in intimate contact with the particles, which is important to facilitate water uptake. Inmediatly after that I poured 10 litres of water because the soil was quite dry. When the water was drained, I covered  with soil to level the surfice, which will help to save the applied water.

I took care not to bury the stem of the trees. The almond roots will grow as deep as they need, while preventing the damage that moisture and fungus can cause to the aerial parts if they are hidden bellow the surface.


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