Second leaf trees

It is said that a crooked tree can only be corrected to a straight position while young. The critical moment for an almond tree to become crooked or straight is the second year.

Tres in winter 2014

Regarding the trees I planted in january 2013, I pruned them in December 2013. Just before the buds swelled in February the trees got a foliar spray with a Thiram based fungicide. That was the only treatment I provided in 2014.

The trees had developed roots during their first year and were ready to grow fast. The trunk was very thin in May and June, so they were vulnerable to the wind. This is the most critical period I have experienced in the young almond orchard. Every week I found trees bended by the wind and I have to put them straight again. I solved the problem by heavy pruning the trees and putting a mound of soil around the trunk.

July 2014. Heavily pruned tree, with a mound of soil in the base.

Heavy pruning made growth slow, so the branches did not developed much this year. But the trunks became thick enough to stand the wind. In September the tutors were no longer needed.

Fertilization that year consisted on two foliar sprays, in June and September respectively. The formula: phosphate fertilizer (at the recommended dose) + microelements (half the recommended dose).

September 2014. Tutor no longer needed

In December 2014, I pruned the tress keeping just the two or three primary branches, which were much thicker than they were in December 2013. These primary branches were 40 cm to 50 cm long and have the right angle for the tree to develop secondary branches next year. The battle against the wind was successful and the trees were straight.

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