The beatle threat

Capnodis tenebrionis is said to be the main enemy of stone fruit trees in Spain. The larvae of this beetle feed inside the roots and kill the tree. Is has taken me 6 years to detect the insect for the first time in one of my orchards. I saw one adult beatle beside the trunk of … More The beatle threat

Summer pruning

Some people say that pruning should be carried out during winter dormancy, but my experience shows me that it can be done at any time. I practice pruning from June to August either for young or mature almond trees. Summer pruning is very useful for training young trees and making them stand the wind. For … More Summer pruning


I have planted a new orchard in a field with erosion problems. The soil is vulnerable to water erosion due to a combination of slope and clay in the subsoil. Heavy rains had created rills and soil was carried away year after year. The good news is that this problem is confined to two low points where … More Erosion

Insects management

Orchards host living communites of insects. Some are beneficial, other detrimental and many others may or may not have have any effect. April and May are key times when you can affect insect populations by applying insecticices. My strategy is based on sustainability in its most practical sense (money). Using insecticides on a systematic way … More Insects management

2016 blossom

This is the second year that I keep an eye on flower development in this multivarietal orchard. 2015 bloom came a month later and brought few flowers. In 2016 mild January temperatures allowed some trees to blossom in early February. Cold came soon after that, which put on hold that process. I observed full bloom … More 2016 blossom


Cultivation is the main tool for water saving in dry farming. Rainfall cannot be modified, but evapotranspiration can be to some extent with cultivation, which consists of the shallow till of the soil. A superficial layer of crust is formed after rain water rinses . This layer has cracks and tiny tubes that allow water … More Cultivation